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The Extended Precison Club System

Montreal Relay

      I've played bridge over half my life...
   The lesser half I wasted.--roy
   Chinese Chop for Roy

Roy Wilson --                
626 340-9575

Unit President:   
Jan Wickersham
626 487-4014
Unit Historian:   
Mike Marcucci
818 903-2471
Unit Game & BBO Director:  
Mojo - Morris Jones
818 695-6114
Friendship Chairman:   
Marie Nimmrich
626 448-3304
Unit 559 Webmaster:
Roy Wilson
626 340-9575


Arcadia Bridge Center Time Game
Diane Gulbrandsen     626 445-3797     Home: 626 357-1590
  Monday    Noon         Open Game    
  Tuesday    11:00 AM         Open Game    
  Wednesday    Closed           No Game    
  Thursday    7:15 PM         Open Game    
  Friday    11:00 AM         Open Game    
  Saturday    10:30 AM         Rookie Game    
  Saturday    1:00 PM         Open Game    
Pasadena Bridge Club       Schedule    
Mojo Jones     626 247-4457
Regency Bridge Club Time Game
Adam Barron     323 318-4308
  Thursday    12:30 PM         Open Game    
Unit Game Time Game
  Sunday     Feb 12    12:30 PM           ABC Flighted    
  Sunday     Feb 26    12:30 PM           ABC Flighted    
  Sunday     Mar 12    12:30 PM           ABC Flighted    
  Sunday     Mar 26    12:30 PM           ABC Flighted    

B U L L E T I N   B O A R D
Information for Unit 559 Members






You will learn more bridge from losing to good players
than you will from winning against poor players.

I am always saddened when I hear of the passing of a friend... Notices like this seem to coming more often, lately.

Markle Vandenvort, one of the kindest and most polite gentlemen ever to play bridge, has passed away of natural causes.  Markle had moved to Arizona a few years ago, but Mark Hartzell says he missed us and was considering returning to this area.  I would have liked to see him again.  Rest in peace, my friend.

The Creation of Lebensohl
Imagine someone naming a convention after you because they erroneously thought you invented it. ` Next, imagine that you didn't particularly like the convention, but it became popular anyway.  And lastly, imagine that "adding insult to injury" they spelled your name wrong, and the convention has subsequently appeared on millions of convention cards with the misspelling intact.

Sound implausible?  Not to Ken Lebensold.

Lebensold has not played duplicate bridge since the early 1980s, but he was an expert player whose partners included Bart Bramley, David Berkowitz and John Solodar.

But how did "Lebensold" become "lebensohl?"  The answer comes from a piece written by George Boehm in the November 1970 issue of The Bridge World magazine where the convention first appeared in print.  George, an expert player who lived in New York City, was the late father of current Bridge Bulletin columnist Augie Boehm - Augie wrote this story:  About a year ago, my son Augie and I converted our crammed and smudged convention card into a gaudy "menu" with all our gadgets and gimmicks highlighted in red letters.  At the start of the first match, a gaunt, Lincolnesque youth sat down at our table and began studying the new bill of fare.  "What's this?"  He asked, pointing to a red line that readi Lebensohl when you overcall our notrump opening.

"Oh, that's just a little refinement Augie recently picked up in Boston.  It's the brainchild of a very bright MIT student named Ken Lebensohl."

After explaining the convention, our opponent-to-be humpfed, which incensed me not a little.  "I'll have you know, young man, that Ken Lebensohl is reputedly a fine player and a brilliant, though youthful, theorist."  He replied quietly, "I'm Ken Lebensold, and I don't think I want any part of your newfangled convention even if you spelled my name right."

Since Mr. Lebensold disowned the convention, we have decided to designate it lebensohl, with a lower-case letter "L" and to continue to use it without fee or license.


You might have missed the above sentence where it says this story was written in the early 1970's.  That means the lebensohl convention is about 50 years old.
    Thanks to Joe Viola for the research on the origins of lebensohl,
    and I think it was Joe who taught it to me about 30 years ago!

Stray Words of Wisdom:
There's a play called the Deschappele coup where you deliberatly sacrifice an honor to kill
the entry to declarer's dummy.  Perhaps the dummy has a weak hand with a long suit that is
almost ready to run and also has an ace side entry.  If you have the unsupported king behind
the ace and you lead it, you will sacrifice the king to kill the entry.

Alexandre Deschappell, 19th century whist player
paraphrased from Wikipedia

Unit Historian:   
Do you have an old photo or other memorbilia from our past that you can share with us?  Please consider giving a copy to Mike.
Mike Marcucci
818 903-2471
Pasadena-San Gabriel Unit 559
Our unit is one of nine in District 23 and we are sanctioned by the American Contract Bridge League.   We have an elected board of 12 members that meets monthly and is responsible for unit games and the annual John Waken sectional.

How to Find Our Club on the BBO Website
When you log on, you are at the Home screen.  Click on Competitive and then click on All Tournaments.   There's a Search Box at the top, on the right... Simply type in a few letters or numbers that will help identify what you are looking for:   23 is sufficient for District 23, and 556 is enough for Unit 556.  You can use Pasa or 559 for our virtual club.

BBO Virtual Club  --   Our unit members can play in a virtual club game set up by Mojo and Paula...



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Status Change for our Members
Status Change for our Members
New Members
Max Huntsman   Pasadena
Robert Jennings   Pasadena
Jennie McCarthy   Pasadena
Advanced in Rank - 6  
Guerry Collins  Junior Master  
Mary Nafisi  Junior Master  
John Wolf  Junior Master  
Teri Unsworth  Club Master  
Kathy Cresto

Unit 559 Membership Report
Ranks are updated quarterly after the 7th of the month
Other information is updated monthly
The link on the left will take you
to the ACBL website where you
will find the official requirements
for each rank.
Unit 559 Active Members
Click the rank below for a list
Master Points    
No color points needed
No color points needed
No color points needed
5+ silver points
15+ silver points and 5+ gold points
25+ silver and 20+ red/gold/platinum
(5 must be gold or platinum)
50+ silver and 50+ red/gold/platinum
(25 must be gold or platinum)
75+ silver and 100+ red/gold/platinum
(50 must be gold or platinum)
Life Master with at least 750 points
Life Master with at least 1000 points
(200+ must be silver/red/gold/platinum)
Life Master with at least 1500 points
(300+ must be silver/red/gold/platinum)
Life Master with at least 2500 points
(500+ must be silver/red/gold/platinum)
Life Master with at least 3500 points
700+ silver/red/gold/platinum
(350+ must be gold or platinum)
Life Master with at least 5000 points
1000+ silver/red/gold/platinum
(500+ must be gold or platinum)
Life Master with at least 7500 points
1500+ silver/red/gold/platinum
(750+ must be gold or platinum)
Life Master with at least 10,000 points
2000+ silver/red/gold/platinum
(1000+ must be gold or platinum)
Life Master with at least 10,000 points
2000+ silver/red/gold/platinum
(1000+ must be gold or platinum)
Must have a victory in an eligble event
February Total Membership  358

  Bridge Lessons
  Are you looking for a bridge teacher?

  Our unit has four of the very best!

Mojo - Morris Jones
Claudia Elmes
Zack Vedro
Lisa Walker

  Maybe you would like to become a certified bridge teacher?  
  take a look at the American Bridge Teacher's Association.
  Visit their website:    ABTA

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