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Welcome to our unit's website!

      I've played bridge over half my life...    The lesser half I wasted.--roy    Chinese Chop for Roy

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Precision Club Precision Club Precision Club

Roy Wilson    Age 17, 44 and 88                                          

Lisa Walker Mike Marcucci Gloria Rommel Mojo Jones
President Unit Historian Friendship Chairman Unit Game Director
818 321-1789 818 903-2471 626 827-2716 818 695-6114

B U L L E T I N   B O A R D

  Pasadena Bridge Club
  649 N. Fair Oaks Ave #201
    Mojo Jones    
   626 247-4457
                 Full Schedule
    Open Games Monday-Saturday
  Regency Bridge Club
  201 E. Colorado St, Glendale
   Adam Barron    
   323 318-4308
               Thursday   12:30
Unit Game Mojo Jones
Pasadena Club
1st & 3rd Sunday 12:30

Roy Wilson, Information for Unit 559 Members







Our unit games are held twice a month, usually
on the first and third Sundays, and both games
are held at the Pasadena Bridge Club

You will learn more by losing to good players
than you will by winning against poor players

Stray Words of Wisdom
Here's anothe popular agreement for discard signals -
Laventhal Discards are not quite as successful as
Odd/Even discards, but they are easy to remember
and very popular.
    At your first opportunity to discard, which ever
    suit you discard is a suit you have no interest in.
    The size of the discard indicates which of the
    other two suits you prefer partner to lead.
    Roy Wilson - Diamond Life Master

Club Championship Week
Several times a year the ACBL allows a club to hold Championship games where the masterpoint awards are higher,
but the entry fee stays the same... The Pasadena club will hold these games all this week.
You can also play in Club Championship games on BBO this week.  These are 12 board matches and last an hour.

Huntington Beach Sectional
Not the usual schedule... This event is being held on Thursday and Friday, June 6-7.
Here's the flyer:

Another District 22 Edition of Our Bridge Neighbors

Unit Historian:   
Do you have an old photo or other memorbilia from our past that you can share with us?  Please let Mike make a copy.
Mike Marcucci
818 903-2471
Pasadena-San Gabriel Unit 559

Our unit is one of nine in District 23 and we are sanctioned by the American Contract Bridge League.
We have an elected board of 12 members that meets monthly and is responsible for unit games, our
Holiday party and the annual John Waken sectional.

How to Find Our virtual Club on the BBO Website
Our unit members can play in a virtual club game set up by Mojo and Paula...
When you log on, you are at the Home screen.  Click on Competitive and then click on All Tournaments.
There's a Search Box at the top, on the right.  Simply type in a few letters or numbers that will help identify
what you are looking for: 23 is sufficient for District 23, and 559 is enough for Unit 559.
You can use either the abbreviated Pasa or 559 for our virtual club.
    BBO:   BudWilson



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    Looking for a certified bridge teacher?    
  Morris Jones
  Claudia Elms
  Zach Vedro
  Lisa Walker
  American Bridge Teachers Association   ABTA  

Unit 559 Membership Report
Ranks are updated quarterly after the 7th of the month.
The link on the left will take you
to the ACBL website where you
will find the official requirements
for each rank.
Unit 559 Active Members
Click the rank below for a list
Master Points    
No color points needed
No color points needed
No color points needed
5+ silver points
15+ silver points and 5+ gold points
25+ silver and 20+ red/gold/platinum
(5 must be gold or platinum)
50+ silver and 50+ red/gold/platinum
(25 must be gold or platinum)
75+ silver and 100+ red/gold/platinum
(50 must be gold or platinum)
Life Master with at least 750 points
Life Master with at least 1000 points
(200+ must be silver/red/gold/platinum)
Life Master with at least 1500 points
(300+ must be silver/red/gold/platinum)
Life Master with at least 2500 points
(500+ must be silver/red/gold/platinum)
Life Master with at least 3500 points
700+ silver/red/gold/platinum
(350+ must be gold or platinum)
Life Master with at least 5000 points
1000+ silver/red/gold/platinum
(500+ must be gold or platinum)
Life Master with at least 7500 points
1500+ silver/red/gold/platinum
(750+ must be gold or platinum)
Life Master with at least 10,000 points
2000+ silver/red/gold/platinum
(1000+ must be gold or platinum)
Life Master with at least 10,000 points
2000+ silver/red/gold/platinum
(1000+ must be gold or platinum)
Must have a victory in an eligble event
May Total Membership  365

Status Change for our Members
Updated each month after the 5th
New Member
Mark Hess   Altadena
Roberta Preskill   Arcadia
Transferred In
Bayard Veiller   Pasadena
Transferred Out
Roselyn Teukolsky   Ithaca, NY
Saul Teukolsky   Ithaca, NY
Advanced in Rank - 4  
Raymond Boncato  Regional Master  
Mariann Nolan  Regional Master  
Tim Lee  Life Master  
Teresa Thurman  Life Master  
Marianne Newmaan  Bronze Life Master  

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